Cashier training now takes 30 minutes. Or less.

Taco Bell presented Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT with real challenges, not least having more than 6500 outlets and hundreds of franchisees, all with local pricing and promotions.

Even more of a challenge, training for counter workers was taking days, not hours.

Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT met this challenge by rolling out a new, enterprise-wide, POS and transaction management solution for Taco Bell in 2012. A rollout that at its peak meant bringing more than 80 stores online each week. The new system not only enables highly flexible, franchisee response to ordering trends and local pricing and preferences, but also central management of inventory and ordering. All without creating PLUs just to track various price points. A store dashboard for each manager, district manager and franchisee is provided, offering day-by-day and even hour-by-hour ordering and staffing trends.

Perhaps best of all, training for counter staff now takes less than an hour. Your customers enjoy a higher level of service and each location sees a more predictable bottom-line performance.

  • Franchise-level price management, very few additional PLUs
  • 6,500 stores, peak implementation rate of 80+ stores per week
  • Conversational ordering with automatic upsell of specials, combos
  • Training time reduced from at least three shifts to 30 minutes
  • Seamless central integration of individual store pricing with central reporting, inventory, ordering and forecasting

From customer, to store, to enterprise, Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT puts hospitality in technology for Taco Bell by centralizing inventory and ordering – while offering franchisees almost unlimited pricing and conversational ordering flexibility.

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