About Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT

About Us

Founded and led by restaurant operators, Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT serves more than 30,000 installations with at least 100,000 terminals in Quick Service and Fast Casual markets. A team of 140 employees – 128 in development, support and customer service – are ready to make your operations successful.

The core business logic of our key applications has 18 years of continuous development.

We innovate using contemporary technology without “disturbing” the business logic by uprooting it. This continuous improvement strategy allows our customers to benefit from the latest innovations.

Our years of restaurant management experience provide a depth of operational understanding that translates into practical solutions delivered to our customers.

As opposed to development strategies that are based on product release cycles, our rapid-cycle application development strategy is unique.

Why Should You Choose Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT?

  • Hardware and software agnostic
  • Conversational Ordering delivers very rapid training and ROI, improved accuracy and speed of service
  • Intuitive dashboard for in-store management functions
  • Choose a complete Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT solution, or seamless integration of Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT and third-party applications
  • Extensively configurable, your practices drive software functionality
  • Complete fault-tolerance for POS and kitchen functions
  • You control the speed of feature development
  • Center of Excellence – Dedicated support and development staff
  • Bilingual support

Let Us Develop a Custom POS Solution for Your Restaurants

Our experts are ready to help you create the ideal solution for your company. Contact us to get started.