We’re committed from day one.

We get it right.

Sound familiar? Yes, just like you, service is what makes the difference in our business. From engagement to customer service, from development through implementation, we are empowered to make sure your POS and enterprise management systems are tailored to your needs, and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and management structure.

Rapid Response Engagement 

We work closely with you to develop systems that reflect all the differences that have helped make you successful. Yes, this can take several months, but the proof is in the implementation. Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT solutions run right the first day. And since serving customers is your business, can you settle for anything less?

Customer Service Center

Yes, things go wrong. Our 24x7x365, bilingual help center is here to help. From first-level inquiries from cashiers to database and server troubleshooting, we put our industry leading expertise on the line for you.

Centers of Excellence 

Several of our clients enjoy dedicated development and support staff at our headquarters. Not only do these hospitality experts become familiar with every detail of your operational strategy and needs, they provide a voice in future development strategy.

Consulting Services

We have put our extensive expertise in quick service and fast casual information system development to work for a number of high-profile clients. This work has included development of global IT architecture as well as custom system development including large-scale data-management solutions.