Synchronize Your Enterprise


Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT Cloud Data Manager, CDM, is a powerful tool for administration and bidirectional synchronization of data between a central database and both regional and store locations. New inventory items, pricing changes, specials, employee data, tax tables, and many other changing data points present serious communication and management challenges for the multi-unit operator. Engineered to simplify and automate data management throughout an enterprise, Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT CDM dramatically reduces the effort and expense involved in information control and exchange.

The essential principle is simplicity, thanks to a graphical forms-based system, allowing you to make a single central database change that updates hundreds or thousands of remote locations automatically. Transaction packages collect related changes and then send the entire package to one or more selected remote locations. Data collected is instantly available for reporting, delivering information essential to keeping your enterprise connected – and competitive. Transactions between central and remote sites can be scheduled at any interval, and data changes can also be entered in advance and marked with an effective date, when the system will then apply the change.

Special multi-location forms make it easy to view data for multiple locations, see any difference in the data, and make rapid changes. Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT Cloud Data Manager also tracks every change made to both central and remote databases — essential for maintaining security of remote location databases. CDM also includes powerful features for automatically resolving possible data conflicts. Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT CDM’s Query Designer can be used to query the central database for in-formation using graphical tools instead of a programming language. CDM’s Form Designer supports terminology unique to each organization, and you can create or modify screens to suit your business-specific needs and terminology without the need for programming, reducing training time and increasing efficiency.

Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT Cloud Data Manager gives you an unmatched set of tools to gather and control data across your entire operation.

  • Tracks all changes at both central office and POS system for data security
  • Seamless integration with inventory, supply-chain management functions using either Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT XENON or existing applications
  • Manage all variable pricing, specials and local taxes from central office
  • Development interface allows for expandability, flexibility
  • Configurable for an unlimited assortment of user-definable remote sites
  • Maintenance of data integrity via conflict resolution and audit control
  • Customizable forms and queries to suit individual requirements
  • Database/platform independent, ODBC or OLE DB database
  • Existing interfaces for most transaction processing services and third party products including kitchen display systems, and back office systems


Master Data Manager

The Master Data module for CDM provides additional benefit by allowing for a single “source of truth” for data across multiple systems.

  • Eliminate data inconsistencies across multiple systems
  • Increased productivity
  • Fulfill business requirements not met by applications
  • Simplified change management
  • Increased usability
  • Reduced data redundancy
  • Increased performance
  • Improved collaboration
  • Enable cross-system processes

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