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IRIS Enterprise Restaurant POS Software Solution

The IRIS Restaurant POS Software Solution is an enterprise-grade, cost-effective, easy-to-use Point-of-Sale solution that helps you manage your entire restaurant enterprise. Conversational ordering makes ordering easy for guests and training fast for staff. Specials and combos automatically pop up on-screen.

IRIS is readily adaptable to your business because IRIS POS offers customization options to support local pricing, specials – whatever you need to offer the best service.

Highly configurable touch screens speeds training and improves order accuracy. Your team members can take the most complicated orders with ease, getting guests what they want, when they want it.

Conversational Ordering

Key to the advantages of IRIS POS are innovations in conversational ordering pioneered by Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT. Our highly configurable, extremely intuitive approach means trainees often begin taking orders after a simple 3-minute orientation. That means ROI on training alone can often justify investment in IRIS POS.

Additional time-saving and service-improving capabilities include:

  • Default ingredients for each menu item are displayed on-screen
  • Allows entry of orders as the customer speaks – without guidance or interruption
  • Eliminates need for cashiers to remember item modifications
  • Adjusting orders is intuitive, without the need to delete and re-enter items
  • Visual cues are provided during ordering to ensure potential discounts and specials can be found quickly, and can be prompted based on an order in progress
  • Intelligent pricing ensures that product mix reporting is relevant by PLUs in the background, not through discounting
  • Allows for transactions to begin with a coupon, automatically ensuring fulfillment
  • So flexible, multiple franchises in one location can be supported

IRIS Kitchen Connectivity

IRIS provides built-in kitchen connectivity, and works with any of the leading kitchen management and display systems. So you get seamless hardware and software integration and total IRIS functionality – without having to change your current kitchen operation. Complete redundancy also means it is impossible for your critical POS-to-kitchen connection to suffer a software failure. And when you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen to a new standard in software flexibility and control, look into IRIS eKitchen.

IRIS Back Office and Transaction Management

IRIS includes a complete suite of in-store back office management tools, including cash management, inventory, payroll, and reports. Plug-in utilities offer connectivity with all popular third party applications, central reporting and electronic transfers.

  • Easy-to-use dashboard for journal, reports
  • Unattended end-of-day processing
  • Fully traceable cash management from point-of-order to point-of-deposit
  • Employee time and attendance, payroll calculation
  • Total system redundancy for point-of-sale and kitchen functionality
  • Manage multiple register programs

IRIS eKitchen

IRIS eKitchen’s browser-based implementation allows for extended use of your existing Windows-based kitchen display system hardware. Proprietary hardware is then no longer required. So now you can use kitchen stations to run other applications, including training tools, recipes, production preparation and scheduling. Bump bar and touch screen interfaces are built in. Managers can quickly and easily set up virtual screens across or within any station, allowing them to use any other store management tools – such as Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT Dashboard – anywhere in the store.

IRIS eKitchen’s browser-based implementation allows you to use kitchen stations for:

  • Video training
  • Recipe look-up
  • Prep sheets
  • Staffing and scheduling
  • Real-time tracking of sales and order times
  • Complete flexibility through virtual screens

IRIS eSign

IRIS eSign lets you engage customers as they order – with real-time, custom offers and other marketing content. IRIS eSign provides a customizable, consumer facing application, that combines order confirmation, the ability to use video and designs sourced from your online resources, and a powerful suggestive sell algorithm that scans the order to provide suggestions for upselling or specials based on content. Popular graphic and video development tools including Macromedia Flash, Video and Audio, serve your web browser-enabled device for promotion of items. This device can also act as a video receipt attached to a POS terminal to present order confirmation. Remote maintenance of images and media content, as well as all HTML coding, is provided by Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT Cloud Data Manager application.

Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT IRIS solutions are hardware independent, with many POS platforms currently certified. In addition to seamless integration across all of its product offerings, many of Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT solutions can be integrated into any application using a conventional ODBC or OLE DB database. Existing interfaces provide support for most credit card (and other card type) processing services, third party products, including kitchen display systems, as well as back office systems.

Whether used for order confirmation at the POS terminal, video receipts, or web-powered digital signage, IRIS eSign’s flexible and dynamic graphic and video presentation gives you powerful new ways to deliver targeted marketing messages to your customers.

IRIS eSign provides more customer engagement through:

  • Flexible and dynamic presentation
  • Web based content delivery – videos, ads, customer loyalty
  • Order confirmation, video receipt
  • Digital signage
  • Suggestive sell engine
  • Open architecture, seamless integration

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