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Quick Service Restaurant Software: Xpient Express

largerbigstock-Customer-Paying-In-Coffee-Shop-58863638-300x200The XPIENT XPRESS is a unique approach to bringing a bundled, purpose-built total solution to end users in the QSR and Fast Casual marketplaces.

The XPRESS platform provides the QSR and Fast Casual food service operator with a comprehensive set of tools to manage their sophisticated environment. XPRESS fits perfectly in the single terminal, single store operation while being fully scalable to handle the needs of multi-terminal, multi-location chains.

XPIENT XPRESS is The SOLUTION for limited service operators. Simple or sophisticated QSR and fast casual restaurant operators benefit significantly without the cost and burden of in-house IT staff.

Benefits include a complete, field proven, easily configured and supported solution. By preloading XPRESS software on retail-hardened POS terminals you are provided a total solution that has been certified as fully functional – no field engineering trial and error at your expense to get components working.

More About Our QSR Software

  • Proven – has been deployed in franchisee operations of some of the largest QSR brands
  • Affordable – exceptional total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Complete – the functionality needed for simple or complex QSR and Fast Casual operations
  • Easy – to configure, operate and maintain

Xpient Features

  • Full POS counter functionality with “Conversational Ordering”
  • XPIENT XPRESS is PA-DSS 2.0 Validated
  • Fully integrated payment processing
  • Complete drive-thru functionality
  • Kitchen display and printer routing
  • Cash & payment management
  • Employee & timecard management
  • Labor scheduling
  • Recipe & inventory management
  • Item & price menu management
  • Point-and-click editors
  • Flexible multi-language support
  • Optional cloud based data management and reporting

Point-of-Sale Capabilities

A large part of the quick service and fast casual customer’s experience depends on speed and order accuracy. XPIENT XPRESS speeds the restaurant’s ability to serve its customers while enhancing control over the business operation.

  • Take orders “conversationally” – orders are entered as the customers naturally give them with no need for a specific order flow/sequence decreasing errors and waste while increasing speed of service
  • Pop menus optimize the order entry process while economizing menu screen real estate
  • Handle non-cash payments efficiently and securely through XPIENT’s PA-DSS (Payment Application-Data Security Standard) validated payment system
  • Maintain multiple register personalities – easily change terminals between counter to drive-thru operations
  • Split Register Screen – Allows order taking and serving from a single drive thru terminal
  • Reports printed on a 40 column receipt printer
  • Complete POS data redundancy in-store
  • Change POS ordering and kitchen routing languages “on-the-fly” by destination or by POS terminal upon employee log-in. For example XPRESS can take orders at the POS terminal in English and display orders in the kitchen in Spanish

Back Office Capabilities

To remain competitive the restaurateur must be able to monitor and measure store activity. Access to easy-to use tools is a necessity for today’s busy owner and manager. XPRESS Back Office provides the essential functionality that helps focus on key metrics to effectively manage the business including:

  • Intuitive Menu creation and changes with drag-and-drop editing plus “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” functionality
  • Price changes and menu updates created and scheduled in advance with activation dates
  • Tools for accurate cash drawer reconciliation and deposit management
  • Easy management and editing of electronic timecards
  • Maintenance of employee information and security rights
  • Easy to use role-based security setup that defines what functions can be accessed by which employees
  • Easy creation and editing of purchase orders, invoices and inventory counts
  • Intelligent schedule creation in advance based on historical sales data with ability to control labor cost by optimizing who works and when
  • Dashboards providing real time snapshots of business at a glance with flexible metrics definition
  • Food cost reporting includes actual, theoretical and variance summary
  • Reports can be exported to MS Excel format
  • XPRESS creates estimated Order Quantities making re-ordering smarter and easier

XPRESS Central – “Cloud Control”

Through careful design XPRESS delivers a hybrid between a web-based solution and an in-store client solution utilizing the latest software technology that allows quick service restaurant managers to perform all “store-critical” job functions regardless of connectivity while also enabling real-time data sharing between each store and the enterprise and other distributed stakeholders. The XPIENT XPRESS Central system provides the ability in “real time” to create, update, activate and deactivate information such as administration items, menu and product information, change prices, run reports, and specify promotions – the decision points that define the rules of operation for each store or stores.  Like all of the XPRESS components, XPRESS Central was specifically designed to simplify and automate these data management tasks with a user-friendliness that operators can manage without need for a dedicated IT staff, dramatically reducing the effort and expense involved in the administration of the system.

  •  Menus and individual items can be created or changed centrally and are immediately available at store level or can be activated by time/date
  • Apply changes to individual or multiple stores
  • Changes can be allowed from Central for download to stores only
  • If changes are allowed to be made at store level, they can be viewed by Central in real-time
  • Create a “model store” default menu, copy and make necessary individual store changes for the next (n) number of stores
  • A recent backup of each store’s data is available in the cloud should a catastrophic failure occur at any store. XPRESS offers a superior level of redundancy as the cloud backup is in addition to the in-store backup afforded by dual hard drives and regular data writes scheduled throughout the day
  • Run reports from single or multiple stores in real time

Need Hardware? No problem.

XPIENT selected Pioneer POS as our hardware go-to-market partner because of the reputation they enjoy for innovation, competitive price points and outstanding reliability. With production facilities in the US, Pioneer POS is a responsive partner and is well positioned to support us in this initiative.

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