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XENON Enterprise Solutions

Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT XENON solutions deliver a complete suite of enterprise-wide operational management and data reporting features, as well as a development environment providing simple upgrades and functional modularity. In addition to all the advantages of our industry leading IRIS in-store applications, XENON also fully leverages the capabilities of IRIS to centrally manage all POS pricing and configuration while accommodating local specials, franchisee or regional pricing. XENON offers additional unique features not found in quick service and fast casual enterprise solutions –

  • Report and manage all configuration and operations, with access and aggregation at central, regional or individual store location
  • View and analyze consolidated operational and sales data at all levels
  • Consolidate location-specific operational and sales data at multiple tiers of the organization in real-time or near real-time
  • Effectively and selectively share data between franchise and corporate, maximizing both flexibility and efficiencies of scale while maintaining secure access


XENON DayBook provides full in-restaurant functionality when the store is not connected to the Internet, and the real-time benefits of a Web-based enterprise back office when it is. Many restaurants use an in-store DayBook, or some equivalent way for managers to communicate with each other, but XENON Daybook enables two-way communication not just at the store level, but by franchisee, region, or across your entire enterprise – in real-time. With XENON DayBook, you can –

  • Create in-store tasks and checklists, and manage them through completion
  • Area or regional managers can create one-time or recurring tasks for a single store, a group of stores, or a specific employee or job function
  • Record permanent entries that facilitate communication among the in-store team, with entries automatically catalogued to facilitate searches
  • Automate the recording of events from other XENON applications, including sales, cash variances, shift switches and more.
  • Determine which tasks, journal entries and events should be visible to various management levels

XENON Food Cost Control

Like other XENON modules, XENON Food Cost provides full in-restaurant functionality when the store is not connected to the Internet, and all the real-time benefits of a Web-based enterprise back office when the connection is live. You get both enterprise-wide food cost management, and 100% operational reliability at the store level. The XENON Food Cost module provides a wide range of food cost and recipe management tools, including –

  • Unlimited standard and custom measures per item
  • Location-based worksheets
  • Real-time transfers
  • Waste and spoilage can be entered in both IRIS and XENON
  • Allows for unlimited nested recipes that can be converted to finished goods and inventoried
  • Workflow engine provides managers with the correct daily, weekly or monthly count sheet as part of their store open, close or shift change process
  • Define purchase rules to associate multiple vendor items with a single inventory item, and account for the variations in pack sizes
  • Association of multiple items with a single inventory description for depletions, such as individual syrup flavors
  • Provide real-time COGS information and theoretical food cost, based on depletions and/or usage factors

XENON Supply Chain Management

XENON Supply Chain Management provides enterprise-level supply chain management solutions that incorporate advanced features including –

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting module provides accurate business estimates using a configurable number of weeks of historical sales dollars, product sales, or inventory item use
  • Generate suggested purchase orders based on the forecasted demand, defined PAR levels, safety stocks and your vendor’s delivery schedule
  • EDI interfaces to many distributors for purchase orders, invoices, ASN’s and order guides
  • Receive by exception and automate accounting for delivery discrepancies

XENON Workforce Management

XENON Workforce Management provides a full suite of staffing, scheduling, and employee self-service functionality – and delivers complete in-restaurant functionality at all times, as well as the real-time benefits of an enterprise-wide back office when the connection is live. A complete range of capabilities based on the needs of quick service and fast casual restaurant operators is provided.


Scheduling has never been easier or more intuitive –

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting module provides accurate business estimates using a configurable number of weeks of historical sales, guest counts or product sales unique to each position
  • Allowed labor can be expressed in hours or dollars
  • Daily and weekly views with easy-to-use line bar scheduling
  • Borrow employees from other locations as the schedule is created
  • Dynamic feedback of over and under scheduling by time slice
  • Optional workflow-driven approval process ensures that schedules are only published upon approval
  • Published schedules are immediately consumed by the POS to ensure accurate schedule enforcement


Now you can manage all aspects of employee records from just one application –

  • Automatically populated by your ERP system, maintained at the enterprise, region, franchisee, or store level
  • Add and maintain employee information including I-9, W-4, EEOC data, employee photos, reviews and availability
  • Manage an unlimited number of jobs for each employee, configure pay rates to include allowed minimums and maximums
  • Adjust employee timekeeping records using POS or back office interface, and manage time off requests
  • An Enterprise Payroll Calculation engine allows for the accurate calculation of overtime and wages owed when employees work in multiple restaurants

XENON Employee Self-Service

XENON Employee Self-Service is a mobile-friendly Web portal that enables employee communication, and allows staff to manage some aspects of their schedule. Improves morale and attendance while lowering turnover—

  • Receive schedules via email and/or text message
  • Manage availability, including vacation, shift requests and sick time
  • Swap shifts with management approval
  • Maintain personal information

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