Why Heartland?

Complete Fault-Tolerance For Your POS and Kitchen

You can’t afford to have your point-of-sale or kitchen go down. That’s why we’ve built complete fault-tolerance into Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT solutions.

Conversational Ordering

Our unique conversational ordering improves the customer experience, reduces training time and improves both order accuracy and speed of service.

24/7/365 Bi-lingual Help Center

Things go wrong and when they do, we’re available to help. Our 24x7x365, bilingual help center handles any level of need including inquiries from cashiers to high-tech database and server troubleshooting. At Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT, we put our industry leading expertise on the line for you.

Hardware & Software Agnostic

Don’t waste money buying new hardware when you can reuse existing hardware. Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT software solutions are hardware agnostic.

Our solutions are also software agnostic, meaning you can use an entire suite of our software or just the part your need. Our software integrates with most other industry-leading software solutions.  Choose a complete Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT solution, or seamless integration of Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT and third-party applications.

Rapid Cycle Release

Stop waiting years for much needed features to be released. Our agile development and rapid cycle releases ensure that new features are available as soon as they’re ready for primetime.

Open APIs

Our software stack offers Open APIs, which enables custom integration without paying costly API access fees.

Center for Excellence

Enjoy dedicated development and support staff. Not only do these hospitality experts become familiar with every detail of your operational strategy and needs, they provide a voice in future development strategy.